MAM instructs doctors re-MUMN directives - 16/9/2003

Dr Ray Busuttil
Director General
Health Division
Palazzo Castellana
Merchantís street
16th September 2003

Dear Dr. Busuttil,

I would like to inform you that MAM council is instructing its members to do their utmost to minimise the risk of adverse consequences to patients that may result from the directives issued by MUMN.

This is in line with our membersí high professional and ethical standards, and our commitment to patient safety.

However, in these circumstances MAM cannot guarantee the smooth running of all health services.

Furthermore MAM and/or its members will not be held responsible for any deficiencies or adverse outcomes that may result from the withdrawal of so many supporting nursing services.

Unless MAM receives correspondence from you to the contrary, I will take it that you accept our position.

Sincerely yours

Stephen Fava

Cc Members

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