MAM declares dispute at Health Centres - 15/9/2006

Press Release
Friday 15th September 2006
MAM declares industrial dispute at the Health Centres
MAM is declaring an industrial dispute with the Health Division on
the conditions of work of doctors at the Health Centres.
As the number of doctors has been greatly reduced over the years it
has become impossible to continue providing quality and quantity at
the same time.
In an effort to improve the quality of service - MAM is asking for the
of a system where urgent and non urgent cases are filtered
doctors must face predictable loads of work
an introduction of a system of continuity of care where patients
are seen by the same doctor
the introduction of a reliable and efficient system of record
keeping compatible with the good practice of Medicine.
Unfortunately although all these measures will represent an improved quality of the service provided to date agreement has not been reached with the Health Division.

For this reason MA M is giving notice that it reserves the right to order any directive it deems fit to doctors working at the health centres as from next week starting on the 18th of September

Dr. Martin Balzan MD FRCP(UK) FEFIM
General Secretary

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