New ward at St Luke’s should open in early October - 25/9/2006

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New ward at St Luke’s should open in early October
by Juan Ameen

Medical Association of Malta general secretary Dr Martin Balzan said the new ward should open in early October if no major hurdles are encountered.

Although it is still closed, a broad consultation process is taking place with house officers, junior doctors and consultants, said Dr Balzan.

“It is a constructive consultation and most of the problems – for example administrative ones – have been trashed out,” he added.

The problem of additional staff is also being tackled, and it still has to be verified if new equipment will be purchased.

“Although there is no final decision, the consultation is extremely productive,” said Dr Balzan.

The ward, which was initially scheduled to open on 28 August, will admit patients who will be diagnosed and treated and either discharged or admitted to another ward within three days.

However, MAM directed doctors not to admit patients because it had not been consulted and because it believes that operating the new ward requires additional staff and the hospital’s human resources are already stretched.

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