Repeat prescriptions by appointment - 3/10/2006

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Repeat prescriptions by appointment
Repeat prescriptions from state health centres will be given by appointment from next month to cut down on queues.

The Medical Association of Malta and the Health Division have agreed on the measure, which is also an attempt to ease the pressure on doctors in health centres - who sometimes see as many as 60 patients a day - and give them the opportunity to focus on urgent cases.

MAM general secretary Martin Balzan said when contacted that repeat prescriptions posed a heavy burden and yet they did not require urgent attention.

The appointment system - which is being tried over a three-month period - will allow for better planning.

This system was already applied in district health centres and was successful, Dr Balzan said.

MAM had recently threatened the health authorities with industrial action unless an agreement was reached on three proposals made to the government that aimed to improve the service at health centres.

The new system will be reviewed by a joint committee, Primary health director Andrew Amato Gauci said.

Dr Balzan said the long-term strategy is for more doctors to work in health centres.

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