MAM issues new instructions to doctors - re MUMN directives - 25/9/2003

Instructions to Doctors.
25th September

 In order to see that no harm comes to patients and to minimise the risk of adverse consequences that may result from the directives issued by MUMN;


 In order that doctors protect themselves adequately from the medicolegal point of view;

MAM is instructing its members to:

1. Always clearly document in the patients’ notes the following:

• which duty normally performed by nurses has been withdrawn, not performed, or otherwise omitted.

• Every action taken by doctors in these circumstances to protect the patient

• The names of the two most senior nursing staff present during the event. In event that such names are not known or forthcoming, the exact time and date that omission occurred should be recorded

2. In the event that any harm comes to any patient, doctors are to report the event immediately to the competent authority. Doctors are advised to consult MAM officials before proceeding in this respect.

3. Doctors are strongly advised not to enter into any verbal exchanges with nurses regarding the directives. Doctors should limit themselves to seeing to patient care, and refrain from commenting in any way on the nurses’ work or directives.

4. Senior Medical Staff, Directors, Consultants & Senior Registrars are requested to exercise their understanding of the difficulties faced by house officers and SHOs in the circumstances, and offer guidance and advice regarding the handling of clinical responsibility.

Martin Balzan

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