Prime Minister speaks on relations with MAM - 1/11/2006

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Per capita recurrent expenditure on education was now a record Lm1,332, something that all taxpayers should keep in mind when they wondered where their taxes went. This was apart from heavy capital expenditure on new school buildings.

As for health, infant mortality was the second lowest in the world, this when, thankfully, Malta did not allow abortion. Malta's health system was the most generous among the EU countries and Switzerland according to EU statistics.

This did not mean that challenges did not exist. Most actually stemmed from success - such as the fact that people were living longer. The biggest challenge next year was migrating from St Luke's to Mater Dei. Talks would be held with all concerned in the same way as agreement had been reached with the Medical Association of Malta on the new medical admissions ward, which would open on Wednesday.

Another challenge was to try to stop the brain drain of doctors, another result of success - this time the high quality of Malta's doctors.

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