Admission ward to start operations - 27/10/2006

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Admissions ward to operate from next week
Natalino Fenech

The new medical admissions ward is to start operating at St Luke's Hospital next Wednesday, after its opening was delayed for some time by a dispute between doctors and the health authorities.

The ward is designed to provide an area where patients can be diagnosed and treated before either being discharged or admitted to another ward.

It had been meant to start receiving patients earlier but the Medical Association of Malta directed doctors not to admit patients. It protested that it had not been consulted and that the ward would require additional staff when resources were already stretched.

Following discussions with the health authorities, fresh proposals were discussed and it has now been agreed that the ward will open with 21 beds instead of 14 and more doctors will be assigned to the ward and related medical wards.

The ward is situated close to the casualty unit and will affect the way patients are admitted to other wards. It is also part of the preparation for the way patients will be handled at the new Mater Dei hospital.

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