18th November - MAM event - members invited to Lecture by CPME President - 16/11/2006

Dr. Daniel Mart - Guest Speaker

Dr. Daniel MART has been elected as CPME President for the years 2006 and 2007.

Dr Daniel Mart, born in 1956, has graduated from Brussels Free University in Brussels in 1982 after a curriculum that has lead him through Luxembourg, New York, Zurich and Brussels.
From 1982 through 1985 he worked in emergency medicine for Europe-Assistance and as founding member of SOS-Médecins Brussels. In 1985 he set up his private practice in family medicine in Luxembourg-City. He joined the Luxembourg Medical Association (AMMD) as a board member in 1989 and is responsible for restructuring the nationwide medical emergency system (1992).
He also joined the first European working group on smart cards and was involved in several European framework research programs, firstly as an expert for the EU and finally as a partner in research projects focussing on the structure of electronic health records and data security issues.
On the national level he serves as member of the national commission of nomenclature, the national scientific advisory board, the quadripartite, the e-health advisory board and is a board member of Healthnet. He is also a member of the executive board of the Luxembourg Red Cross.
Leading the national medical association as secretary general since 1994 he has been very active on international issues, representing his NMA as head of delegation in numerous organisations (CPME, UEMO, WMA, EANA, EFMA-WHO) and international working groups. Dr Mart served as treasurer on the executive committee of CPME through 2004 and 2005.
He is currently practising as senior partner of a large group practice in family medicine in Luxembourg-City and is teacher in vocational training for the University of Luxembourg and UCL.
His main goal as President of CPME is to continue work on quality issues, patient safety and of course patient and doctor mobility. Health telematics and data security will also have to be prioritised on the basis of maintaining autonomy of patients and doctors alike. Extra emphasis will be put on the co-ordinated voice of medical doctors in Europe.


The council of the Medical Association of Malta

is inviting all members (and their partner) to a lecture by

Dr. Daniel Mart

the current president of the standing committee of European doctors

who will deliver two short ( approx 20 minute) talks on

1. The New EU directive on freedom of movement of doctors - what is old and what is new.
2. The primary health care system in luxembourg (population 400,000)

Saturday November 18th - Palazzo Castellana Valletta- 8.00pm

A reception will follow -

Dr. Daniella Croker (opera singer) has kindly accepted to sing between the two lectures.
Ms Claire Cordina (medical student) has also cordially accepted to sing at the start of the reception.

MAM council looks forward to your participation.

Dr Martin Balzan

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