Mater dei visit by patient safety conference delegates - 24/2/2007

Mater Dei Hospital to be ‘pride of the Maltese’

An international conference organised by the Medical Association of Malta, the Commonwealth Medical Association and the Commonwealth Secretariat on patient safety, heard about the merits of Mater Dei Hospital

It started yesterday and ends today, discussing ‘Patient Safety – Developing Strategic Approaches’.

The secretariat of the Commonwealth Medical Association is currently hosted by the Medical Association of Malta.

To mark the launch, a lecture was held on Wednesday evening by Dr Joseph Amuzu from the Commonwealth Secretariat on ‘Anti-Retroviral Medication for the Commonwealth People’ at the Outpatients Department of Mater Dei Hospital.

Delivering the introductory remarks, Justice and Home Affairs Minister Tonio Borg said that in the last decades, the Maltese have enjoyed high standards of health care, which is resulting in a longer life expectancy and continuous recognition by the World Health Organis-ation describing Malta’s health care as one of the best and most cost-effective health systems in the world.

“One of the main contributing factors to this success is undoubtedly the high academic standard of our medical profession and the true sense of dedication of the various health care professions to the care of patients,” Dr Borg stated.

Referring to the Mater Dei Hospital, Dr Borg said this building was destined to become the pride of the Maltese and of all those who have the health care professions at heart.

“Mater Dei Hospital is soon to become Malta’s world class 825-bed general acute hospital. It is a state of the art facility representing a statement of commitment of the Maltese government towards the health of its people.”

Ensuring patient safety and comfort was a top priority for the Mater Dei Hospital project. Both the migration process and the hospital facilities have been designed to ensure maximum patient safety and better environment for patients, staff and visitors alike. The Mater Dei Hospital boasts state of the art medical facilities and hotel services befitting a 21st century high quality healthcare system including bedside TV,

internet and radio, private bathrooms, modern and comfortable staff quarters, sophisticated nurse calls, pneumatic tube systems to deliver objects around the hospital, large public areas and support services including parking facilities for staff and visitors, kiosks, cafeteria and ATM.

On a local level, the purpose of the event set out by the Medical Association of Malta is to stimulate the development of a patient safety culture among medical practitioners and health care NGOs.

The conference is supported by Mater Dei Hospital and part financed by the European Social Fund, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Medical Association.

The lecture was also attended by President Emeritus Dr Censu Tabone, as honorary president of the MAM and Mrs Tabone; the executive committee of the Medical Association of Malta; the conference organising committee; the president of the World Medical Association, Dr Arumugan; the president of the Commonwealth Medical Association, Professor Akosa; and foreign delegates.

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