Horizons in Medicine - Publication Royal college of Physicians - 29/3/2007

Horizons in medicine 18
Updates on clinical advances
Edited by Jonathan Rhodes FRCP
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The Horizons in Medicine series never fails to meet expectations and, once again, this latest offering is essential reading.

The papers included in this volume provide a fascinating review of contemporary pathology, diagnostic techniques, management approaches and pharmacological interventions. They are based on the popular Advanced Medicine conference organised annually by the Royal College of Physicians which aims to present 'the latest cutting edge advances in clinical medicine, supported by improved understanding of disease mechanisms'. Each chapter, by an eminent physician from one of a variety of specialties included, is followed by self-assessment questions, which allow the reader to ensure they have fully absorbed and correctly understood the chapter's key messages. Whether the reader's specific interest lies in, for example, 'Attacking the disease spiral in COPD', New drugs for diabetes' or Advances in Parkinson's disease' - to name but a few of the topics covered - the remainder of the book will provide them with an informative summary of advances in other fields of medicine.

Medical students, consultants, doctors from the developed and developing worlds and physicians from the whole gamut of specialties will all benefit from perusing this carefully edited and well-illustrated publication. The Horizons in Medicine compendium is truly indispensible for any busy clinician who wants to keep abreast of modern medicine while under the pressures of today's medical environment.


Management of acute respiratory distress syndrome - Simon V Baudouin

Improving outcomes in lung cancer - Stephen G Spiro


Of stents and stem cells - advances in the management of ST elevation myocardial infarction - Michael Fisher

Angina pectoris: second wind, warm up and walk through -
Rainer Zbinden & Michael S Marber

Minimally invasive valve replacement - Louise Coats & Philipp Bonhoeffer

Hypertension: lessons from eponymous syndromes - Isla S Mackenzie and Morris J Brown


Recent progress in inflammatory bowel disease: from bench to bedside -
Daniel R Gaya, Charles W Lees & Jack Satsangi

Progress in understanding and managing functional gastrointestinal disorders -
Abhishek Sharma & Qasim Aziz

Neuroendocrine tumours of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas - D Mark Pritchard

Biomedical review - inflammation and cancer - Mairi Macarthur & Emad M El-Omar


Stroke: advances in acute treatment and secondary prevention - Peter Sandercock

Mitochondrial disorders - more common than you thought? - Patrick F Chinnery


Rehabilitation following neurological injury -


Pigmentation and sunburn - Jonathan L Rees


New treatments for diabetes mellitus - Jiten Vora

Understanding glucocorticoids - David William Ray, Rachelle Donn & Midori Kayahara

Cushing's syndrome - John Newell-Price


Advances in Parkinson's disease - Jeremy R Playfer


IgA nephropathy and Henoch Schonlein purpura - John Feehally

Haemolytic uraemic syndrome - David Kavanagh & Timothy HJ Goodship


Understanding osteoarthritis - Micheal Doherty

Developments in rheumatoid arthritis - Deborah PM Symmons


Intensive care for the liver - Julia Wendon

Vascular liver disorders - Chundamannil E Eapen & Elwyn Elias

Infectious diseases

Sepsis: new paradigms, novel therapies - Mervyn Singer


Understanding hypoxia signalling in cells - a new therapeutic opportunity? - Peter J Radcliffe


Attacking the disease spiral in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -
Michael I Polkey & John Moxham


William Withering's legacy - for the good of the patient - Alisdair Breckenridge

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ISBN: 9781860162923
A5 soft cover, 314 pages
Published: January 2007

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