Instructions to MAM members- forms - 3/10/2007

Patients registering for the pharmacy of your choice scheme are currently asking doctors to fill in a written application form.

1. MAM has been re-assured in writng that this form will NOT in any way replace repeat prescriptions, and for this reason encourages doctors to fill in this form.

2. However doctors are advised to exercise their professional discretion, when insufficient information is available to fill in the form. Patient safety should not be compromised.

3. In the event that information is lacking doctors are advised to refer the patient to the caring physcian/Family doctor most likely to be in a position to help the patient.

Martin Balzan
Note by Dr. Ray Screrri to MAM

As you are aware section C of the application form has to be filled in by a doctor. This data is required as the Division lacks information on an individual basis re consumption of pharmaceutical products. This form will serve as a means for collating this data and will not replace prescriptions. Once the POYC Scheme is rolled out, patients will still need to present a prescription to collect their medicines from their preferred pharmacy. This is not only a legal requirement but also serves as a measure for internal control within the POYC flow process.

Ray Xerri

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