23rd November - MAM inaugural Mater Dei event - Historical Lecture prof Beverley Bergman - 16/11/2007

MAM is organising an inaugural lecture at MATER DEI

All MAM members are invited.

Professor Beverley Bergman

“Five Scotsmen, A Professor and a Museum: The British Army and the Birth of Public Health”,

Time : 13.00
Place : Mater Dei Hospital
Lecture room 5 (on top of chapel)

A reception will follow

This lecture should be of interest to medical personnel, public health physicians and historians, especially as it includes a number of references to Malta and as she intends to base her talk on the life and work of Edmund Alexander Parkes, the first Professor of Military Hygiene, who was appointed to the post in 1860 following his experiences in the Crimea. Almost certainly Parkes would have visited Malta on his way out to the Dardanelles, where he established his hospital. He was also well aware of the health challenges facing troops stationed in Malta at that time, and he included a chapter about the island in his textbook, "A Manual of Practical Hygiene". After his death, a Museum of Hygiene was established in London as a memorial to him, and this too has an interesting history as it played a major role in promoting the health of the population both at home and, later, internationally.

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