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Advice on Course of action following letter from Tax Compliance unit - 28/1/2004

Following a meeting with a leading tax consultant, MAM recommends the following coarse of action.

1. Doctors who do NO private practice, should write back stating their position, and that the letter inviting the doctor into an agreement with TCU is not applicable

2. Doctors whose private practice does not constitute their "main economic activity" (ie they earn more from their government or other salary) should also write to the TCU stating this.

3. Doctors who have significant private practice, are advised to write to the TCU, and ask for a meeting to discuss the proposed arrangement.

It is recommended that professional help is sought for such a meeting and that the doctor has a prepared position.

MAM has insisted with TCU that it makes its proposals and workings in writing, and that the doctor should be given 3 weeks to analyse the situation before giving his answer.

It is normal for individuals to bargain down with the TCU.

3. Should the TCU make unrealistic proposals of amounts which are considerably higher than the actual income, it is recommended that one does not enter into such an agreement.

4. TAX AUDIT. If a doctor refuses to enter into discussions or indeed an agreement with TCU, than the TCU can perform a tax audit, and analyse a doctors' income from his visible expenditure.

5. Whether one risks being submitted to a tax audit or not depends on the individual's particular situation, and professional advice is recommended before this step is taken.

Martin Balzan

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