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Malta College of Family doctors - elections - 14/7/2003

Dear Colleagues

As General Practitioner representatives on the council of MAM we were involved and accepted the new H.C.P.A.(Health care professions act) which is soon going to be enacted. We feel that it is therefore our duty to inform you once again, that as an integral part of this legislation a specialist accreditation committee S.A.C. is going to be set up together with specialist registers for all specialities including general practice. The responsibility of recommending individual G.P.ís and therefore the setting up of rules to be eligible for such a recommendation are going to be vested on the M.C.F.D. (Malta College of Family Doctors) for the first time ever in Maltese medical history. We cannot therefore stress enough the importance the M.C.F.D. is going to assume with such legislation.

The recent developments and allegations during the last annual general meeting of the college led to the resignation of its council and the running of early elections. This week happens to be the last chance for nominations by those interested to contest these elections.

Maltese G.P.ís tend to lead hectic lives resulting in poor interest and lack of participation in G.P. associations and academic societies. We therefore wish to strongly solicit and clearly advise every G.P. to participate in this election of unprecedented importance. An election that has to be carried out in a transparent democratic way to elect those amongst us whom we sincerely believe can carry out their duties in the best interest of general practice and general practitioners in Malta especially in view of the great new responsibilities vested on them by the proposed Health Care Professions Act.

Dr.J.K. Soler M.D.

Dr.Tonio Xuereb M.D

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