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Directive to Health Centre Doctors - 6/5/2005

10th May 2005

MAM Directive to Health Centre Doctors

Dear Dr. Busuttil,

This directive is being issued pending further discussion.

As from today MAM is directing its members not to perform any duties in “refugee” or “illegal immigrant” detention centres.
However all doctors are to see these patients at the respective health centres.

This directive is being issued after MAM received and verified various reports from its members that
(1) The level of security is inadequate, and a number of members complained of various levels of harassment. This was especially alarming in the case of female medical practitioners.
(2) There is yet no clinic with the necessary levels of hygiene and necessary disposables. It is not fair to see patients in these circumstances which are humiliating to both doctor and patient.
(3) Most of the visits are completely unnecessary with the most frequent being requests for dietary privileges completely unrelated to any medical condition.
(4) There is absolutely no record keeping as regards to chronic illness, and the advice and interventions of previous medical practitioners.
(5) No proper interpreters are available making communication very problematic.

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