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Instructions from Health division on use of anti virals - 8/9/2005


Antiviral therapy is available for use in a possible flu pandemic. This medication is able to slow the replication of the virus and thus render the illness less severe, but it does not kill the virus.

This medicine has been prescribed to you by your doctor and dispensed by your pharmacist on condition that it is used ONLY when instructed by your doctor because he feels you may have contracted influenza of the pandemic type. It is not to be used in any case other case or for any other condition, including colds and seasonal flu. IF In DOUBT, CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.

Meanwhile, keep this medicinal at room temperature in a safe cupboard, out of reach of children.

If the pandemic influenza is declared to be circulating in Malta by the Heath Division, you should monitor your health and that of your family by checking regularly for fever.
If any family member does develop a fever of greater than 100 F/ 38.5 C with cough you should immediately contact your family doctor or health center doctor to tell him or her about your symptoms. The doctor will take a brief history and examine you. If it is confirmed that you are suffering from the pandemic type of influenza, then the doctor will instruct you to start taking your antiviral medication and explain the dosage. It is very important that you contact your doctor preferably within 24- 30 hours
( one to one and a half days) of developing the fever and symptoms. Should you do so after a delay of more than 48 hours (2 days) of developing symptoms, the medication will not be effective. The doctor will prescribe the antiviral medicine ONLY to the ill person in the family and not to the rest of the family members, unless they too develop symptoms of influenza.

Do not take the medicine without talking to your doctor.
Incorrect use of these medicines will result in their being ineffective and could also risk causing resistance to such medicines by the virus.

As with all medicines, antivirals have a limited shelf life and should be discarded on expiry

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