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MAM condemns act of violence on doctor - 22/11/2003

MAM would like to express its deepest sympathy with Dr Godfrey Farrugia who was involved in a very unfortunate incident. The association condemns this act of violence on a well-respected and caring member of the medical profession.

The association would like to point out that such incidents reflect the fact that society is becoming overall more violent in a general context of loss of traditional values. Indeed as times are changing, criminal legislation and law enforcement should generally be a real deterrent for unacceptable aggressive behaviour.

This incident also reflects the decreased respect for the medical profession which is sometimes encouraged by some quarters and a small section of the media.

Doctors have to deal with many difficult situations in many different places involving all the good and bad elements of society. One hopes that the authorities deal with the problem of increased violence in society more effectively and at all levels. It would be a great pity if the practice of Medicine will inevitably change to the detriment of one and all.

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