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MAM backs Measures to Prohibit Smoking in Public Places - 11/2/2004

MAM would like to remind the general public that smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer, heart disease and stroke, the three most common causes of death and disability in Malta today. Thanks to the public campaigns and the progressive increase in the price of cigarettes, the latest studies show that only around 30% of the adult Maltese population are regular smokers. (35% Males, 25% Females).

It has now been shown in many scientific studies that NON-smokers have higher risk of these diseases similar to smokers if they just inhale passive smoke from other people. Passive smoking besides irritating healthy people can also cause sudden severe attacks in people who suffer from asthma. One must keep in mind that this means up to one in 8 people in some areas. After signing the WHO anti-smoking convention the government has a moral duty to protect the good health of the majority.

MAM encourages the government to intensify its educational campaigns, not only to further decrease the number of smokers, but also to encourage a more civil behaviour amongst smokers. Smokers should not expose the great majority of people who do not smoke to the risks of their cigarette smoke.

Futhermore, MAM gives its full backing to the government in the introduction of the new regulations prohibiting smoking in public places. The association sincerely hopes that these regulations will be effectively enforced for the good of one and all.

The Association encourages all those in the entertainment and catering industry to adapt themselves rapidly to these regulations and take this opportunity to react positively in a way to attract new clients who can breathe cleaner air.

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