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Two young female doctors attacked in one week - 5/3/2004

MAM would like to publicly condemn the physical attack on a young newly graduated lady doctor who was performing emergency duties in ward M1 on Tuesday 2nd March. This was the second episode of aggression on a female doctor in a week. MAM would like to publicly thank the two male nurses at M1 who went quickly to this doctor’s help, and the association greatly appreciates the fact that in his efforts to protect the doctor one of the nurses got hit himself.

MAM acknowledges that the police authorities and the health division have taken prompt action against those involved. Although one can understand that relatives of sick people may be under considerable tension, physical violence can never be justified. MAM invites the general public to keep in mind that hospital staff are under great stress especially when wards like M1 which are meant for 30 patients end up with 50.

Against this background MAM urges the government to take urgent action to help alleviate the overcrowding problem which is currently affecting the medical wards at St. Luke’s Hospital. It further urges the health authorities to protect its employees as required by law.

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