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Agreement onGeneral Practitioner Vocational Training Scheme signed - 6/6/2003

The Medical Association of Malta is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the Government on the setting up GP vocational training scheme.

The Medical Association views this agreement as an important step forward. It will establish the family doctor as a specialist in family medicine in line with European union directives. A three year training scheme will be set up so as to make the post-graduate preparation of family doctors comparable to that received by doctors training in the hospitals.

Such a move is expected to further raise high standards of medicine practised in Malta, and to make the speciality of family doctors more attractive to doctors who have to make a career choice. The patient will certainly be the main beneficiary of this.

The MAM augurs that the few remaining points of disagreement on the new health care professions act will be ironed out in the near future and that this important new legislation be presented in parliament as soon as possible. This will create the legal framework which will be necessary for all training programmes in all specialities when Malta effectively joins the EU in a year’s time.

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