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European Union Study puts Maltese Health service in top 3 among 25 EU countries. - 16/6/2004

The European foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions carried out an official survey throughout the 25 countries of the European Union on Health and Care in an Enlarged Europe.

The report places Malta in the top three countries as regards to the citizen’s satisfaction both with his own health, but also with the Health care and social system. This is yet another feather in the cap of the local Medical profession which continues to provide the Maltese public with a first class service.

89% of Maltese are satisfied with their own health, while satisfaction with the health services and social security was rated at 70%. This was much higher than southern EU, or most accession countries with the exception of Cyprus and Slovenia. Compared with a similar survey 2 years ago, the satisfaction with the Maltese health care service was on the increase.

Surprisingly only 40% of Maltese reported that they lived 20 minutes or less from a hospital, putting Malta 10th amongst EU countries. However 90% of Maltese reported to be 20 minutes or less from a general practitioner which is the 4th highest in the EU.

The number of persons reporting long term disability was also the smallest in Europe at just under 10%, clearly dispelling the notion or widespread abuse of social security.

However 40% of Maltese reported to be “highly stressed” putting it in the 10th position amongst EU countries.

Furthermore, on a less positive note, although 90% of Maltese felt that the elderly should be looked after by their family, in actual fact Malta was amongst the lowest as regards sick, and old people being cared for at home.

Martin Balzan

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