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MAM - Car free day - 22/9/2004

Press Release

Car Free Day

MAM would like to express its support for all those initiatives which help promote a healthier and cleaner environment. The Association hopes that the general public should be made aware that in a country where the prevalence of asthma and related symptoms is amongst the highest in the world, all must contribute to make the air we breathe much cleaner.

Recent studies have shown that around 1 in 6 suffer from asthma related symptoms; while 1 in 2 suffer from allergic rhinitis. Furthermore around 1% of the population appears to be suffering from the severe and potentially life threatening form of this condition

MAM appeals to the authorities to purchase and install the necessary equipment so as to monitor air quality effectively and continuously so as to make sure that this is inline with EU directives. Preliminary measurements have already shown that these are being greatly exceeded in many localities.

In this context the improvement, increased efficiency and availability of public transport is essential to promote its use rather than individual transport by car.

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