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MAM considering directives - 5/11/2004

Press Release

MAM is considering issuing directives to a group of more than 30 young doctors currently manning the emergency services. These doctors have passed selection boards to be appointed to the grade of Senior House Officers, in the Accident and Emergency department, in the Department of Medicine, the Department of Surgery, and Mount Carmel Hospital.

These doctors have now been posted in these emergency services and are already providing the Maltese public with this very valuable and indeed indispensable service. In fact many of these posts two years ago had been included in the law for essential services as services to be provided at all times.

For this reason one cannot understand why, while the government has on one hand posted these doctors, and on the other hand it has failed to provide these doctors with the relevant appointment and of coarse the corresponding payment and salary scale.

The MAM appeals to the Management and Personnel Office at the Office of the prime minister to be efficient in line with declared government policy and correct this injustice with these doctors immediately. It would be great pity if MAM had to resort to industrial action if common sense fails to prevail.

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