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The Medical Association of Malta (MAM) feels that the “social pact” as presently proposed is ill-conceived, conceptually wrong and more likely to harm than help the country.

MAM is strongly opposed to any blanket measures, such as fixed wage freezes, that are applied indiscriminately across diverse sectors. Such blanket measures have never succeeded in the past as they destroy initiative. History has shown these were the periods of least growth in the Maltese Economy as shown clearly in the early eighties.

In a competitive economy those sectors that are efficient and performing well should have their benefits linked to productivity, thereby rewarding the efficient sectors, and motivating the less efficient sectors to pull up their sleeves and improve.

MAM would also like to state that it is not directly represented on the MCESD and hence did not take part in the discussion on the “social pact”. The present structure of the MCESD is far from ideal, in particular in the situation where MAM was not even directly represented in sect oral health discussions.

For these reasons, MAM feels the proposed social pact is not acceptable.

Martin Balzan

(The Times report below)

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