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MAM did not leak document but has a right to consult members - 7/12/2004

The Medical Association of Malta (MAM) would like to categorically deny that it had made public the content of a document on public health reform sent to it by the Health Ministry. The MAM only made general comments about the document without revealing anything about its content.

Indeed, it was the Hon Health Minister himself who, at the time of release, had made numerous comments on the content of the document on a program on NET television. Some of his remarks were not considered as a compliment to the Medical Profession; however the MAM refrained from entering into the fray at that stage.

Two weeks later one of the Sunday newspapers leaked significant parts of the proposed document, leading to widespread concern amongst MAMís members. At this stage MAM had no option but to consult its members. Furthermore, MAM has every right, and indeed an obligation, to consult its members when it is asked to give its response to a document that concerns their working conditions. This is line with democratic principles and it is surprising why the Health Ministry seems to have taken exception to it.

It is noteworthy that all MAM members were unanimous in their opinion that the document was very negative, failed to show any appreciation of the sterling work done by the medical profession and that its proposals will result in deterioration of the health service. It was also unanimously agreed that the document does not provide a good basis for further discussion and that MAMís position be made public.

MAM hopes that prudence and common sense will lead the health authorities to come up with more realistic and positive proposals.

Martin Balzan
General Secretary

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