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MAM rebuts parliamentary statement - 21/12/2004

Press Release 21st December 2004

The Medical Association of Malta refers to reports of comments made by the Hon. Dr Louis Deguara where it was stated that two particular consultants were offered a choice between a LM8000 salary with private practice than an LM 45,000 without private practice and preferred the former.

The MAM is very surprised to hear this because the MAM collective agreement, and indeed EU employment, and anti-discrimination laws prohibit such discriminatory treatment amongst colleagues doing the same job. This is particularly grave and irregular because no call for application for these posts was issued as required by EU directives. It is surprisingly naïve to talk about such irregular activity in a public parliamentary debate.

While flouting these rules, it seems that the Health division continues to recruit numerous doctors from Eastern Europe with conditions and payment worse than those of Maltese doctors. MAM is in fact supporting the claim of these doctors to have the same conditions as Maltese doctors, while insisting that their qualifications are suitably scutinized in the interest of safe patient care.

MAM has repeatedly insisted with the Health Ministry and the Management and Personnel Office at the Office of the Prime Minister on these points, to the extent that legal and industrial action was threatened if the division continued to flout these laws.

For this reason the MAM challenges the Health Division to make public calls for application at these salary levels that the Minister claims to have offered to these “chosen consultants”. Then it will be known whether the Minister’s comments were only a weak justification of low payment of doctors.

Martin Balzan

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