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European recognition for training in Anaesthesia - 22/8/2003

The MAM would like to express its satisfaction and indeed congratulate the Department of Anaesthesia at St Luke's Hospital and the Association of Anaesthesiologists of Malta (AAM) for the establishment of a local post-graduate training programme in the speciality of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.

The praise and recognition which has been received both from the UK and the European union of medical specialists (UEMS; Section of anaesthesia) bears testimony to the success which was possible by the close co-operation between the Director of the Department Dr Joseph Zarb Adami, and the Council of the Association of Anaesthesiologists.

Such a postgraduate training programme at the local hospital is good news for doctors who do not have to spend years away from the country and for patients who can find more Maltese doctors manning the emergency services.

In the light of such a success story the MAM appeals to the government to present in parliament the new health care professions act as soon as possible after resolution of the few outstanding points. It is only when this legal framework is in place that official recognition of such high quality programmes throughout the European Union can be achieved. This will not only be prestigious to the country and to the profession but it will also help to limit the brain drain of Maltese doctors that would otherwise occur. This success story also vindicates MAMís position of giving a central role to the specialist societies in the training of specialists.

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