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Signed letter circulated to the press - 3/9/2005

Press release 2nd September 2005

MAM is circulating to the press a letter of support signed by over 250 members, it has received. (Names and IDs can be supplied at request)

Dr Martin Balzan

The high level of dedication doctors show towards their patients is reflected in the low mortality and morbidity figures published yearly by the Dept of Health Information at St. Luke’s Hospital. These figures compare very favourably with the rest of Western Europe but are achieved at a fraction of their cost. The main reason for this is the low salaries ‘enjoyed’ by all medical professionals especially doctors.

Saving lives is our business, and we are all committed to achieve this aim, often working as a team across the various specialties. All specialties are therefore equally important and indispensable to good patient care. All lives are equally worth saving, not only those undergoing cardiac surgery!

We, the undersigned continue to maintain that it is morally as well as legally incorrect for the government to offer different conditions of work to doctors in the same grades working within the Department of Health. We therefore urge the Department of Health to rectify its position as soon as possible to the satisfaction of all concerned. This can only be achieved by improving the present conditions of work and offering equal opportunities to all.

The current poor conditions of work offered to doctors are resulting in an ever increasing brain drain of doctors who are leaving the island to seek better opportunities abroad. This is, in turn, resulting in curtailed services and increased waiting lists. Only by offering decent conditions of work in all specialties, can we stem the current brain drain. Only this can ensure that the current level of health enjoyed by our nation be maintained.

We, the undersigned, strongly object to the personal attack some elements of the media have launched on senior MAM officials. These individuals have gained our hard earned respect and are considered as leaders of our profession. We fully support MAM in its efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination and to achieve decent salaries and conditions of work for all doctors.

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