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AGM resolution passed unanimously - 14/3/2007

Press Release 14th March 2007 –
Resolution Annual General Meeting – voted unanimously

This Annual General Meeting regrets that to date discussions on the working conditions at the new hospital have not been concluded with the result that many experienced doctors continue to leave the island’s shores

This AGM also notes that while staff shortages at the Health centres have reached an alarming level, the General Practitioner Vocational training scheme has not been implemented, even though agreement has been reached with the association more than 3 months ago.

As the medical manpower situation worsens, doctors’ working conditions continue to deteriorate, while the health service continues to experience increasing difficulties to provide the best possible service to patients.

Consequently it is feared that because of the critical shortages in many departments such as the accident and emergency, anaesthesia, pathology, radiology, oncology and orthopaedics, Mater Dei may not be able to open and operate fully on time as planned.

For these reasons this AGM authorizes the Council of the Medical Association of Malta

- To formally complain to the European Commission that the GP vocational training scheme has not been implemented, even though there is an obligation to implement it in the accession treaty

- To take whatever measure the council feels necessary to ensure that all discussions on working conditions are concluded before any medical staff can be deployed to the Mater Dei Hospital.

Dr. Martin Balzan MD FRCP(lond) FEFIM
General Secretary

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