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Migration cannot start before discussions are concluded - 21/5/2007

Press Release
21st May 2007

Migration cannot start before discussions are concluded

The Medical Association of Malta (MAM) notes with satisfaction that the construction of the Mater Dei Hospital is nearing completion.

It is essential that there are changes in working conditions and certain work practices for the new hospital to function properly because of the way that it was planned. Unfortunately in spite of MAMís repeated efforts, discussions with MAM on such changes started very late and are progressing very slowly.

The hospital needs doctors and it would certainly be a pity if Mater Dei Hospital will not be able to start functioning because these discussions are not concluded.

MAM therefore calls on all concerned to make an extra effort to conclude the negotiations without further delay so that the new hospital can open in July as planned.

Dr Martin Balzan MD FRCP(lond) FEFIM
General Secretary

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