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Health and safety issues - need for change in culture - 20/10/2003

The Medical Association of Malta strongly agrees with the Hon. Minister of Social Policy, Dr. Gonzi when he stated, “Hazards should not come with an allowance but should be eliminated," during conference "Dangerous Substances - Handle with Care!" that was recently organised by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority.

MAM has frequently voiced its concern on the poor health and safety record in local industries, especially in the construction industry. The frequent media reports of fatalities and other serious injuries are only the tip of the iceberg. Many more injuries and occupational diseases never hit the headlines but may nonetheless significantly impair the health of the worker. Indeed doctors and health care workers manning the emergency services bear witness to the large numbers of avoidable tragedies affecting so many families.

MAM recognises and appreciates the very good work being done by the government and the Occupational Health and Safety Authority in this sector. However, a change in mentality in both employers and workers is urgently needed if we are to make any headway. Education therefore has a key role to play. Having a healthy workforce and avoiding injuries is in the employer’s as well as in the worker’s interest.

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