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The Medical Association of Malta has filed a judicial protest on Friday 31st May against the haphazard privatisation of further medical services. 

After the 2018 doctors strike in protest at the transfer of the Government Hospitals to Steward, an agreement was signed where the Government promised to to carry out meaningful consultation with MAM for any future privatisation. This agreement has been broken by the Government. 

MAM is protesting that the Government is showing lack of transparency. This is crucial in the light of the Vitals/Steward fraud.  The Association insists that any privatisation of medical services has to follow the agreements, have patients’ best interest at their core and there has to be proper scrutiny of how taxpayer money is being spent.

Malta’s main health infrastructure is now in crisis as a result of the 400Million euros paid to Vitals/Steward. This crisis can only be solved with a holistic plan involving all the stakeholders.

MAM is not against the involvement of the private sector in cutting waiting lists, including for IVF. However the blatant disregard of existing agreements and the lack of consultation does not reassure doctors that the Government has learned the lessons from the Vitals/Steward fraud.

MAM calls on the Government to stop further privatisation until proper meaningful consultation is complete. 


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